We have collaborated with What’s In The Glass? again - this time we designed a LIMITED EDITION sticker pack to showcase funny facts and jokes about the industry we love so much. We thought it might be a good idea to give life to some of the most common beer clichés:


  • NEIPA vs WESTCOAST – The familiar scene for every beer bartender in the planet;
  • OLD SCHOOL vs NEW SCHOOL – The shared beer tankard for craft hipsters & cask orthodox
  • EXPLODING CANS – The exploding fruity-milkshake-sour can;
  • BEER DEMOCRACY – Beer is for everyone <3

Clichés are layers of language that, however clever they seem the first time you hear them, have ceased to seem charming or even essential because of endless repetition (guess the opposite of mindful writing). We use clichés all the time (to our shame) — but it’s an excellent exercise to get out of the habit, so this sticker pack is a reminder to ourselves as much as anything.


Help your craft beer friend’s sake by adhering these stickers to surfaces near you!


WITG?  is an independent drinks-led virtual agency and community founded by Gabs Bertucci, dedicated to showcasing and documenting the transformation within the drinking culture—first launched in 2020, the agency aims to share knowledge on the essence of beer/pub/hospitality culture and the people who truly live it. 

Printed by Awesome Merchandise 

WITG? / Perplexed Perspective Collab – 4 x vinyl stickers