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Perplexed Perspective - Mailout Number 2.


Welcome back to the Perplexed Perspective Mailout. Still very unsure what it is that I am supposed to write in these messages to you all. Well, let's get on with this then shall we.


Firstly, as I said in the last issue I have recently moved to Edinburgh. This week I moved all my

belongings up with big help from my sister. She drove a big old van with all our stuff for six hours up here. It was an absolute killer having to move all this stuff up 4 flights of warped stairs to get to our new flat. however, we managed and are now settling into it very well. Finally, I have all my stationery and computer so can get to work on more projects. Watch this space!


Now time for a little update on Inktober this year as we pass the halfway point. I think that it has been going well this year. There has been a couple of busy days where I almost didn't manage to get the drawing done. However, I always manage to find a couple of hours to quickly finish them. There is still plenty of time to enter into the prize draw for one of this year's pieces. Simply click the link below to enter. Please tell your friends also. Spreading the word helps me find new fans and new work. So it does mean a lot to me. Click the Link Below to Enter if you haven't already.


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