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Perplexed Perspective Mail Out - Volume 1.


Hi there and welcome to the very first of hopefully many mailouts. I am testing out this as a way of keeping in touch with my fan base outside of the usual social media constraints. I always find it tough to talk about my work with fans and potential customers. So hopefully this will work out well for both of us. I get to practice talking more about my work and you get too stay up to date with projects that I am currently working on. So where to begin I guess the biggest recent news is that I have moved. Perplexed Perspective is now no longer based in london and instead I am living & working in Edinburgh. So hopefully I can gain some new scottish followers and friends. If you know any other cool artists in Edinburgh send them my way. It would be great to meet others.

Secondly, its that time of year again. October has come around once again, that means only one thing. It is inktober again.

This year each of my 31 drawings will be drawn on a blank postcard, and I will be sending them out to selected fans once the month comes to an end. For a chance to win one of these postcards click the link bellow. CLICK HERE Get Our Latest Updates

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