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Mailout 3


Welcome back to the Perplexed Perspective Mailout. For this edition I would like to focus on Christmas. It is sneaking up on us rapidly. This year I have been really busy trying to have stuff on my store for you. Here is some information about everything I've been up to.


So to begin, this year I have created 4 unique screen-printed Christmas cards. I would be lying if I said this was an easy task. They are now available on my webstore. But first, let's run you through the process quickly. Each design started its life as a page of doodles trying to design a character to go on each card. I settled on a Turkey, a present, a Christmas pudding & a Christmas tree. The next step was to pick my favourite designs of each. Afterwards, I would create a sketch of the card, scan it & create a clean digital version. Then I would use this digital version to create my screen to be able to print lots of cards for you all.

This was my first ever attempt at creating a screen print from an exposure. I was really pleased with the outcome of them and the freedom it allowed me to have with the designs. So expect to see much more in the coming months.

So finally that brings us to the new prints. Here they are! I will be selling them individually for £3 or as a pack of 4 for £10. I know what you are thinking, "but sam that seems expensive for some cards!" However, I hope that this blog post helps explain why I have set them as this price. This took a lot of my time and resources to create and I really want to share stuff like this with you all but a man has got to eat.

So please visit the store, tell your friends, loved ones, pets! What the heck even tell your rival. Support small business this Christmas time it really helps.




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