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Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website.


Where to begin? I started Perplexed Perspective way back in 2013 as a way of keeping myself creative. It also allowed me to build up this little community, helping me see that people actually enjoyed the things I was creating. For the first couple of years, Perplexed Perspective was a way to showcase my graphic design skills through lots of fan art. I created several minimal posters for video

games and films that I loved.


Then in 2014, I decided to undergo the challenge that is Inktober. This was where I truly began to find a love of drawing. This was a major turning point that led Perplexed Perspective to evolve into what you see today.

I have since been trying to push myself to experiment even more. In 2015 I started making screenprints of my designs. I sold a few of these prints to friends and family. Any money that I made from this went straight back into Perplexed Perspective allowing me to set up this website. I hope one day to be able to survive solely off of this income but that seems like a long way off but for now, if you like what you see why not hit up my shop or simply send a donation (I have an extreme addiction to tea that needs funding.)


Thank you once again.


Perplexed Perspective.

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